Celebrating summer and thinking about the migration

The fall rains have begun in Depoe Bay and it might not stop for a long long while. We have noticed that our daily gray whale sightings are fewer than the past couple months and this probably means that our summer whales are starting to head south.

We still have been spotting a few each day, around 5, and they have been quite active. Spyhops and breaches have been quite common the past 10 days or so.

The seas are much rougher now that we are getting consistent rain and wind and this does make spotting the whales much more difficult, but as one of our Volunteer Hosts said this morning, “It’s pretty easy to see the whales when they’re jumping out of the water!”

We’ll leave you with a great video taken this summer from Cape Foulweather, also known as Otter Crest, just south of Depoe Bay. In this video you’ll see a beautiful humpback whale really showing off.

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