Volunteer Video Resources

Hello Volunteers!

Below is a selection of excellent videos all about the gray whales we will be watching during the upcoming migration season. There is excellent information that you can use while talking with people during the whale watch weeks!

Here is a video of our most recent virtual Whale Watch Volunteer Training Winter 2022.  Thank you to our two guest speakers from the American Cetacean Society that were kind enough to volunteer their time.


Our Friends at the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural area produced this highly informative video all about the gray whale migration visible from the Oregon coast.


Below is a video provided by Oregon State University and in it you can observe a 2 year cycle of gray whale migration patterns. You’ll notice that the female gray whale, represented by the purple color, has given birth on an every other year pattern. Also you will see that the whales will depart the breeding lagoons at different times based on the presence of a calf or not.



Here is a great day of Whale Watching as recorded from the live stream from Depoe Bay on December 30th 2017. You will get an idea of how far form shore these animals travel during the winter, and a good idea of breathing patterns.


Here is an example of the Spring Migration as seen from Depoe Bay. You will notice the whales are closer to shore and headed north! This video starts with a gray whale breaching about 3/4 of a mile from shore directly in front of the Visitor Center.


Here is an example of an early summer day. June in Depoe Bay can be quite busy!