And we’re back! Spring 18

Day 1 of the Spring 18 whale watch week is in the books.

A little snow up and down the coast this morning was a bit of a shock but the whales didn’t seem to mind too much.

Coast wide conditions seemed better up north today.

53 whales sighted from Cape Disappointment in Ilwaco

23 at Cape Meares Lighthouse and 26 at Cape Lookout.

Coast wide totals were 184 Gray Whales with several breaches reported along the central coast. (not all sites reported yet) I’ll put up some photos tomorrow morning too.

Tomorrow’s weather looks good and we will be ready…





One comment on “And we’re back! Spring 18

  1. Pam Ragan says:

    Awesome, wish I were there! See yo0u in October-Jan.


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