The whales and the leaves are thinking about winter.

As summer winds down and fall takes over, we are trying catching our breath from a record summer in Depoe Bay. The mornings are cooler and the whales in Depoe Bay are packing on the last of the pounds before the migration south begins.

The “resident” gray whales along the central coast typically hang out until late October or even early November before beginning the swim south. So, if you need another reason to escape to the coast for a day or two, check the weather and come on over!

Nearly 120,000 visitors have come through our doors already this year and with three more months to go, we’re approaching record territory for folks coming to see whales with us!

The registration for the upcoming Whale Watch Weeks and volunteer trainings opened on Monday, October 2nd so if you haven’t signed up for your sites yet, please do so by clicking on the Training tab near the top of this page.




One comment on “The whales and the leaves are thinking about winter.

  1. Pam R. says:

    We saw a total of 12 whales today at Depoe Bay Whale Watch Center! Awesome


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