Day 2 in the books.

Well it got a little rainy as the day progressed but we still managed about 100 whales state wide.

Up north was the best bet today with Cape Disappointment spotting 18 gray whales.

We managed 8 here in Depoe Bay at the Whale Center, but it looks like one of our summer whales has returned. It fed 50ft from shore in front of the visitor center for about an hour!

We’ll be out there again tomorrow rain or shine!

if you haven’t yet, be sure to checkout our live YouTube stream. Today we had people from all across the globe helping us count whales!

See you tomorrow!




2 comments on “Day 2 in the books.

  1. Kathy Perry says:

    Thank you for the updates. May I request a link to the YouTube live video somewhere on the WWSH website blog page or ??? for those who may be traveling and not remember the youtube url? : )


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