Clear Skies for the Central Coast

We had another great day of whale watching along the central coast.  The clouds stayed off shore and the wind was very little.  Our Volunteers to the north and south were not quite so lucky.  They both were dealing with low visibility due to fog, but most sites were still able to at least see one whale.  Thank you to all of you wonderful Volunteers for being out there and helping people learn about whales even when the weather is not helping.

Top 5

Depoe Bay Whale Center      21 Whales

Devil’s Punchbowl                  19 Whales

Depoe Bay Sea Wall                 15 Whales

Boiler Bay                                    16 Whales

Yaquina Head/Don Davis        13 Whales

3 comments on “Clear Skies for the Central Coast

  1. judith mcfarlane says:

    wondering when they will be passing Brookings, Oregon. No one seems to know.


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